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NICA R. In this work, we included preliminary data regarding anatomical and ecological adaptations in species collected from littoral in Spain, during Species we have anatomically investigated are: Crithmum maritimum L. ApiaceaePlantago coronopus L. PlantaginaceaeSporobolus pungens Schreb. Kunth PoaceaeCakile maritima Scop.

BrassicaceaeBassia hyssopifolia Pall. Kuntze, Salsola kali L. Chenopodiaceae and Frankenia laevis L. Several taxa have a deep rooting system Cakile, Salsola and others display shoot succulence Crithmum, Cakile ; these features should be regarded as an adaptation to xeric conditions.

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Species like Sporobolus and Frankenia posses salt glands, special devices involved in removal of concentrated salts. Key words: halophytes, psammophytes, salinity, adaptations, ecology Rezumat.

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În acest studiu, am inclus rezultatele preliminare referitoare la adaptările anatomo-ecologice ale unor specii colectate de pe litoralul maritim din Spania, în anul Aceste specii sunt: Crithmum maritimum L. Chenopodiaceae şi Frankenia laevis L.

Unele specii prezintă sistem radicular foarte profund Cakile, Salsola şi suculenŃa părŃilor aeriene Crithmum, Cakileca o adaptare la condiŃiile de xerofitism. Alte specii posedă glande saline Sporobolus, Frankeniacare intervin în eliminarea excesului de sare.

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Species restricted to littoral zone are confined to an area making transition from sea to the land; there were several attempts to classify littoral and corresponding vegetation Warming, ; Ranwell, This is not pierderea în greutate a vampirilor case of sand dunes, stricto sensu; therefore, in this paper we shall not deal with sand dunes.

HenslowSchimperWarmingChermezon have sporadically mentioned adaptations of littoral plants in time; but they dealt with plants discussing adaptations regarding only limited aspects of their biology.

Entomologia agricol, n sens strict, studiaz din punct de vedere biologic, ecologic, al plantelor atacate i al combaterii, speciile de insecte duntoare; se ocup de asemeneade protejarea i utilizarea n combaterea duntorilor a faunei folositoare agriculturii.

The predominant ecological factor in the area that we previously defined is water deficit; this is because the soil is physically or even physiologically dry, due to salty water in the upper part of soil.

Water stress could be also related to insolation. Moreover, attention should be paid on salinity influence, regarded both as saline water in the soil, as well as salt spray. These environmental conditions and the nature of adaptations that we discuss here suggest the use of term psammo-halophytes, namely plants that vegetates on maritime sands also exposed to salinity.

Field observations and plant material collection for subsequent histo-anatomical investigations were done during July-December in littoral zone of Valencia Community.

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Anatomical investigations were conducted following the standard method fixed by our group working in plant anatomy from Faculty of Biology Iaşi for a detailed description of this method, see: Grigore et al. Species vegetating on sand, located to a considerable distance from seawater and therefore free from its direct action display a deep radicular system, as comparatively to their aerial part.

This is the case of Cakile maritima fig. This is an obvious adaptation to xerophytic conditions related to maritime sand that is permeable to water and that does not allows its retaining in the upper layers.

anatomical and ecological observations on psammo-halophytes ...

Consequently, species that vegetate in this area must develop a deep root system in order to find and reach the water table. Crithmum has also a succulent lamina fig. The lamina of Plantago coronopus has a bifacial-heterofacial structure, with palisade tissue under both epidermis fig.

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Moreover, in order to make photosynthesis more efficient, centre de pierdere în greutate în thrissur leaves of Plantago are arranged in a basal rosette and approximately parallel to aerial stem; this might be an adaptation to a uniformly exposure to sun radiation affecting the entire surface of lamina. Sporobolus pungens is a typical psammophyte, as an older name of it suggests: S. This species has, as adaptations to sandy environment a centre de pierdere în greutate în thrissur, extensive, and branched rhizome, with long internodes fig.

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The rhizome is usually located in the upper layer of sand soil, forming a dense underground network, easily to note when we tried to extract the aerial stem from sand. In this way, aerial stems are very close each other fig.

Perhaps this underground network is involved in plant anchoring in the sand, assuring a mechanical resistance to high wind intensity. In addition, as an adaptation to salinity conditions — occurring as saline source in water table or as salt spray — this species presents bicellular salt glands fig.

Bassia hyssopifolia vegetates on beaches from Alicante-Santa Pola, as isolated vigorous individuals, preferring relatively shading areas.

These adaptations are of xerophytic and halophytic nature and reflect in fact each major part of environmental convergent factors: hydric deficit and salinity influence, respectively. Activity of Dr. Chermezon H. Grigore M. Lista plantelor de sărătură din România. Pim, Iaşi.

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Elemente de anatomie integrativă. Aspecte de anatomie ecologică.

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O abordare integrativă. Academiei Române, Bucureşti. Carpathian J. Henslow G. Ranwell D. Chapman and Hall, London. Schimper A. Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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